Tuesday, March 13, 2007

JACUZZI JUNTA at the CAT party

S A A B play Jacuzzi Junta at Howard Gardens on Friday the 16th March. Photos taken by Heather Jones.
This was the official party of the 'Cardiff Art in Time' festival - a series of time-based performance shows being held at venues across the city. Thanks To Jacuzzi Junta for organising and Anne at Steepways Productions for filming our set.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Botanising on the Asphalt DVD

‘S>A>A>B presents’ WB&F Botanising on the Asphalt (live performance).
Hand stamped DVD. Available here in hand labelled card sleeves with text insert. This DVD could not have been produced without the kind help and support from our friends at Chapter, the Experimentica festival organisers, Trevor Turton, Anne Siegel of Steepways Productions for her camera work, Jennie Savage (also on camera duties) and John Ruddick. Primarily this is to be used as a promotional tool but we do need to sell a few to cover production costs. Payment Via Paypal.
Video Excerpt: See below in the Botanising Redux post.